Settling in

We are really feeling good about being here in Colombia! Maybe because it feels like a vacation despite all of the logistics that we are handling. We went into Bogota today to get our ID cards. Two and a half hours of Colombian bureaucracy. Small price to pay for getting to live here for a year. One thing that has really impressed me here in Colombia is that there always seem to be special lines for pregnant women… in airport customs, in government offices. They seem to really get how exhausting pregnancy can be.

Our new nanny has been a godsend. She is great with the kids, super neat and organized and always willing to help. She stayed at the hotel with Siena and Saige for 7 hours while Jade accompanied us on our Bogota adventure. We are so grateful to have found her (and it doesn’t hurt that her salary is a quarter of what we would have been paying back home. Did I mention that already? I can’t get over it.)

But back to Bogota. It was really much nicer than I remembered. Some parks and green spaces and surrounded by mountains. Great views in all directions. We really enjoyed walking around and having a great lunch. One really interesting thing we saw was a green city square with a huge screen broadcasting soccer games. Spread out throughout the city square were bean bag chairs with people, mostly men in suits, relaxing and watching the game during their lunch hour. I was really sorry that I didn’t have a camera because it was really a sight to behold.

In fact, we liked Bogota so much that I experienced a huge pang over our decision to live in Chia. I started to worry again about being isolated in a small town. Bogota’ energized me and I longed to be surrounded by people, sampling the cultural delights of a big city. Plus, I really want to get to know the coaching community in Bogota and experience Colombia through a professional lens. The only downside, and it’s big one, of living in Bogota is that I would have to home school the kids or find tutors to do so. But in either case, the kids will have a much harder time socializing and learning Spanish that they would in a Spanish speaking school. Plus as exciting as city life is for me, country life is probably healthier and better for the kids… a school community they can be a part of, horseback riding lessons, lots of time in nature.

And I must admit as we got back to our hotel in Chia, the air was so clean and smelled so good. The mountains were gorgeous. The horses and cows, the green pastures were idyllic. We went for a walk as a family. The kids petted three day old puppies and grown horses. We had dinner in front of a warm fireplace in a 250 year old house. We laughed and laughed. It was all quite idyllic and I felt alot better about our decision to live in Chia. I can always go into Bogota for the day or on the weekends for some culture or a fun night out (dancing on tables anyone?).

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  1. Wow, what fun! I can’t wait to take the boys on an adventure. It sounds lovely! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

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