Home, Sweet Home

This morning, I packed up our numerous suitcases and moved them to our new house. Tomorrow, our nanny will move out her furniture and we will move in ours. Wednesday, the cleaning people will come to scrub everything and on Thursday, we will unpack our things and viola, we have a home. I guess we will have to go buy some pots and pans and dishes and little things for the house, but that should be a cultural experience like everything else we do here. I am so excited that we are about to have a home! Jade said to me yesterday, “Will the chaos be over after we move?” I didn’t even know she knew the word “chaos”, let alone that it felt like chaos to her (or maybe she overheard Esteban and I talking). I guess we are all looking forward to getting settled.

On a different note, I was introduced to a mom at school who is also a coach and on the Board of the local ICF chapter (International Coach Federation) here in Bogota. She invited me to a coaching conference they are hosting in September. The topic for this year’s conference is Happiness, my favorite subject. She also told me that they were just discussing with the head of the Board the need for more bilingual, or more importantly, English speaking coaches. She emailed to me the name of the person I should get in touch with and told me that if I am interested, I should be able to find a lot of work here. There is apparently a high demand for English speaking coaches due to all the multi-national companies that have offices in Bogota.  And there aren’t many English speaking coaches.

I had actually planned to spend the year on a semi-sabbatical, coaching my clients in the US, writing, and spending lots of time with the kids. However, it would be really fun to coach some clients here. It’s an opportunity not only to get dressed up and go to Bogota but to experience life in Colombia on a professional level. Plus more adventures to write about, of course. It really feels like things are coming together!

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One Response to Home, Sweet Home

  1. Eva says:

    Wow! I have just read everything from your 1st post to today’s. What an adventure! I hope this settling into your new home will bring you a sense of a place to retreat and breathe at the end of each day’s abundance! Hugs to you all! Eva

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