Our nanny called us at 9 pm last night to say that her apartment lease fell through (she was going to sub-lease from somebody), but not to worry because she found another apartment and this one will go through for sure. That’s what she said about the other one! But here’s the catch: she can’t move in until next Monday. What???? No way! We are all packed. Our stuff is already at her place. We can’t bring it all back here and wait another week! We can’t stand another day in this hotel! we are already all set with the movers. The head of Accion’s Bogota office who is lending us his extra furniture has already planned to take the day off to get the furniture out of storage and to us and to supervise the move. Not to mention that another week at this hotel will cost more than a whole month of rent. And what if next Monday, she says the other lease fell through?

No way! We politely told her that it’s too late, that we have an agreement and she needs to figure it out. Plus, she seemed kind of happy that the new place is “closer, bigger and cheaper and she likes it more.” Did the other lease fall through or did she just find another place she likes more? And how did all this go down between 5:30 pm (when we last saw her) and 9 pm in a country where nobody seems to work after hours?

So what we figured out after many phone calls back and forth is that our nanny and her daughter and her couch and dining room set are all going to move to her sister’s house (which is conveniently located in the same conjunto). She will leave the bedroom furniture in place since she only has 2 bedrooms furnished anyway and she will store her boxes, bags of clothes and belongings in the maid’s room, which we were going to use as a storage room. We will be cramped for awhile with some extra furniture but at least we will have a house.

That was he agreement last night. Esteban is going to stop by the house after dropping the girls off at school to make sure that all is proceeding according to plan. Keep your fingers crossed!

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