I hate it when my husband is right! The alarm went off again at 5 am for about 10 seconds…. just long enough to wake up Jade and I. Esteban and Siena slept through it. Saige slept through it too but I think that’s because we broke down and put a noisy heater in her room, not only is it a source of white noise but it’s like the tropics in there.

What is up with this lady? She clearly turned off the alarm with the remote control. Can’t she turn it off before it goes off? I am going to need to stop by there again and offer to buy her an alarm clock. Although it seems like she is living up to her reputation of being “difficult” and is not somebody we can reason with.

So Plan B is that there are noise laws in Colombia (although nobody enforces them) and noise regulations in the conjunto. I am going to have to study these and see what I can do. Worst case scenario, our nanny’s family does know some police men in town. Perhaps one of them would be willing to enforce the noise laws for a… umm, should we say a tip?

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