The Battle Continues

Yep, the alarm went off yet again today. We went to talk to her yet again today. She said something lame about trying to turn it off. We reminded her of her promise not to turn it on until it’s fixed. She didn’t remember saying that yesterday. The conversation deteriorated quickly. It ended with her saying that she has the right to turn on the alarm if she wants and blast for as long as she wants. She gets up at 5 am and really doesn’t care when we get up. Did I mention that the alarm speaker is on the balcony outside her house, about a foot from the girls’ window?

Needless to say we are pretty unhappy. We talked to a few other neighbors who all say she is very difficult and they hate the alarm too. But what cay you do? We are going to go talk to the conjunto administrator tomorrow and then to the police. It’s hard to tell if it will do anything. People seem strangely resigned to their fate here. Is it because they haven’t been able to control all that much of what happens to them? Is it because things don’t work as they are supposed to here? Or do things not work because people are resigned to their fate? I guess we will find out as we navigate this situation.

In the meantime, we bought some electric heaters with loud fans today so hopefully it will help tomorrow morning. Something tells me that she is going to let it ring for awhile.

We can still move of course. Our nanny still hasn’t signed a lease on a new place (thank God we didn’t opt to stay in the hotel until she moved) and we haven’t signed a lease with her. But I can’t even begin to tell you how much we don’t want to start looking for a place again, packing, unpacking, ugh! Mostly, it’s that we really like this house.

On a different note, Esteban and I had an adventurous day today. We left the kids with our nanny and her daughter (I love it! It’s like a play date but scheduled at our convenience) and braved Home Center (like Home Depot and Target put together. Yikes!) to get what we needed for the house. We then decided to go into Bogota for lunch (no small feat since many streets are closed to cyclists on Sundays) and what should have taken us ten minutes of driving, took almost an hour. But it was worth it because we wound up having lunch at La Mar, an amazing Peruvian restaurant. All different kind of ceviches (raw seafood “cooked” in lime and spices), fresh squeezed juices, amazing seafood and desserts. Seriously, it was one of the best meals I have ever had. You should check it out if you are ever in Bogota.

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