Spiritual cleansing

So everybody reacted to the alarm situation in their own way. Our nanny’s mom came over in the morning with rose water to clear out the bad energy (she mentioned that since we had cleaned the house with vinegar in the absence of natural cleaners in Colombia, we need to spray something sweet to combat the intense energy of vinegar). Janet, the school Director said that we definitely needed to change the situation because being woken up by a loud alarm is really bad for the children. She said that the best way to change the situation is to envision the outcome we want before going to bed and let the angels do the work.

So we took it all under advisement and came up with a two-prong strategy, on both practical and spiritual levels. On the practical level, our nanny’s mom went to talk to the neighbor herself (I don’t know the outcome of that conversation yet). She also went to talk to the conjunto’s administrator to get him to put pressure on the woman. She then went to the town hall to make an official complaint, which the neighbor will have to answer. This complaint will now have to be taken to the police station so the police can serve her with the complaint, for a small tip of course. Once served, she has eight days to respond and then a judgment will be made. If she is found guilty of disturbing the peace (it seems that Colombian law mandates quiet time between 9 pm and 7 am), then she will have to pay a fine and turn off the alarm. We are all hoping that she will come to her senses and use her remote control to turn off the alarm before all this comes to pass. It’s a big hassle for everybody… for something that’s pretty simple to resolve.

So on the spiritual front, we decided that a little energy cleansing wouldn’t hurt. I didn’t want to use the rose water because it is full of harmful parabens and other chemicals, but I did bring a nice sage stick from the US.  Native Americans use burning sage to cleanse the energy and so that’s what we did too, room by room. And then we saged every family member, even Saige. We all also agreed to visualize a positive resolution to this whole situation before going to bed tonight. And I will tell you, I can feel a shift already. Esteban and I are both calmer about the whole thing. We are all optimistic that somehow it will work out. I realized that we can always move the girls into the back bedroom where they won’t hear the alarm as much. The room is pretty small for the two of them, but they basically just sleep there anyway. The bottom line is that there are options and we don’t want to move. We like this house and this conjunto. And having dealt with our nanny’s family a lot over the past 24 hours, I really like her family too. They are artsy, creative and pretty progressive, especially for Colombia. It’s nice to have them here. Kind of feels like we are not alone.

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