We are staying!

You are all probably pretty sick of reading about the alarm situation and I am pretty tired of writing about it… but we are still dealing with it. We have found out more info about laws in Colombia that seem to indicate that there are quiet hours and that they can be enforced. And you can even sue for emotional damages! You don’t need a lawyer for this and it is resolved in eight days. How’s that for efficiency?

In the meantime, the Administrator of the conjunto is going to call the technician who installed all of the conjunto’s alarms to see if there is indeed a malfunction in the remote control and if there is way that this all can be resolved peacefully, without resorting to legal means. We offered to pay if need be to fix the neighbor’s alarm system. I don’t want to be the ugly American throwing money around to fix problems but our sanity is definitely worth $50 or $100 and we heard through the grapevine that this neighbor is having serious financial difficulties. (As an aside, conjunto living is like a big, extended family: everybody knows everybody’s business, but more on that later.)

Since I have been writing about this, I have received several emails from some of you saying that we should just move. As you know, we thought about it but we have actually opted to sign a lease and stay (although the emails did leave me wondering if we are crazy). Why? you might ask. Well, we just don’t want to move. We like this house alot – its size is perfect for us; it has lots of light; it has great views of the village and mountains; it’s in a corner so it feels like a stand alone house and we have lots of privacy; it’s across the street from school which is super convenient and we don’t have to buy another car; it’s easy for our nanny to get here; and, as I mentioned before, we really like her family and feel like we have abit of a community here, which will be even more important when Esteban starts traveling again. And plus, we have this sense that every conjunto has its problems and that somehow this problem will be resolved. The blessing of this situation has been that we have really gotten to know not only our nanny’s family alot better but also some of the neighbors. It feels like we are a part of this little community here and like we have to stick it out to resolve our issues. As our nanny’s mom said, “this woman has been f***ing with us all long enough. It’s time that somebody stand up to her. And we will all do it this time.” Did I mention how much I like this woman?

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