A Moment of Grace

As I sat alone in the bleachers during Siena’s horseback riding lesson, watching her ride and listening to the instructors speak super fast Spanish, I looked up I time to see the remains of the sun reflecting off the mountains. I was so struck by the beauty that I got a lump in my throat and I thought about how lucky I am to be having this experience. Yes, I have been grumbling a lot lately about life in Colombia, but underneath it all, it is such a privilege for me to be able to experience another culture so deeply. Plus, when I was talking to a friend on Skype, she helped me realize that everything is more intense when you live outside your own culture and therefore, outside your comfort zones. The good experiences are better and the bad experiences are harder. It’s all new and therefore, I can’t just go through the motions. I have to be present for everything and every day is an adventure. I feel fully alive in a way that I haven’t felt in years. And for this I am so incredibly grateful.

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One Response to A Moment of Grace

  1. Eva says:

    Love this post! Makes me feeling like taking a breath too.

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