Life is Good!

I am having an “I love it here in Colombia” day so I wanted to share it with you before the feeling passes. But seriously, I feel like everything is coming together (probably because we are sleeping again). The kids are doing great! Siena is horseback riding three times per week and loves it. Jade is working with the third grade teacher to catch up to her peers and seems to really be enjoying it. She is also preparing for the class play at school and is having alot of fun. Saige is adored by everybody we meet. Esteban is traveling alot (he is in the States now) but seems to really be enjoying his work. And as for me…. I am really happy in the moment. I was worried about being bored and isolated in Chia but nothing could be further from the truth. I have so much to do that there isn’t enough time to get it all done. I have been coaching my clients in the States but also writing alot, going on daily power walks past gorgeous scenery with our nanny’s sister, spending alot of time with the kids (including weekly dates aloe with each child), studying anthroposophy on a weekly basis at school, making new friends, going on weekly dates with my husband and exploring Colombia on the weekends. Upcoming projects include: starting the school lunch program with my friend (we are going to visit the schools tomorrow), starting more serious yoga study, organizing the first ever Chia Waldorf school fundraiser to raise money for the hand dryers (fundraisers are unheard of here but more on that later), and taking a ceramics class with Jade. I am feeling purposeful and energized! And of course I can do all this because Noemi is taking care of all of the house chores and cooking! God bless Noemi! Life is good!

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One Response to Life is Good!

  1. Eva says:

    It was good – and AMAZING – to talk to you via Skype on my iPhone last night Natalie! (Technology is mind blowing!) You sound so happy, and this post is just filled with that energy. Amazing all the ways you’ve got things going over there! I wish I could see Siena horseback riding! And I remember Jade creating theater on the little stage at Rock Creek Park with our little kids years ago – so I can imagine how much she’s loving it! I’ll bet little Saige is growing up so fast too.
    Hugs to you – enjoy this “now”,

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