We are sleeping again!!!!

We can’t hear the alarm and are sleeping again! Here is how this came about: I had an amazing coaching session the other day with my friend and colleague Cynthia Way (an amazing coach by the way if any of you are in need of a coach). We focused on the alarm issue and the anger I felt toward our neighbor. What I personally got out of that session is that I tend to act quickly to fix things and what was called for at this point is to stop and wait for clarity and guidance. Clearly nothing we have been doing so far has been working. So after the session, I asked the Universe to send me some guidance and started to do some pilates.

About five minutes into my pilates session, I had the thought that we should move our bed into Saige’s bedroom and move Saige into the guest bedroom. We probably won’t be able to hear the alarm from the back bedrooms. Why hadn’t I thought of this before??? Probably because I was too attached to the idea of our beautiful, huge third floor bedroom with its fireplace, mountain views and vaulted wooden ceilings. Every time I looked up at the ceiling, I felt so blessed to be living in this house. But now we were seriously sleep deprived. So what if the bedroom is so small that it will barely fit our bed and two night tables? It does have a great view of the surrounding pueblo and the mountains (or so I kept telling myself because I still felt resistant to giving up our beautiful bedroom).

But guess what? We can’t hear the alarm from the back bedrooms!!! Haleluah!!!! We are finally sleeping! And we now use the beautiful upstairs room to work and hang out in. We will need a guest bedroom eventually when my parents come to visit at the end of November but I am still hopeful that we can resolve the alarm issue by then. But more on that  soap opera tomorrow…

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