An ode to Milhoja

An Ode to Milhoja – the most amazing Colombian dessert – tartly sweet and so delicious. Phylo dough with a sweet cream and slightly tart fruit filling with a top layer of arequipe (a thick caramel). None of these ingredients are my favorite; I am partial to chocolate usually. Yet somehow this particular combination baked at an awesome bakery in Chia just hits the spot. I have indulged in this guilty pleasure three times this week. Which brings me to another thing that I love about Colombia: I have lost weight since we moved here. And this despite indulging in quite a few desserts and big meals and replacing my US workout regimen (aerobic intensive 40 minutes on the elliptical machine plus 30 min of pilates five or six times per week) with my Colombian regimen (not very brisk walks in the country side four or five times per week and occasional pilates). I could definitely get used to this!

But seriously, Esteban was reading somewhere that our metabolism increases with increases in altitude. Either that or I have parasites too. I choose to believe the former.

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