I just got off the phone with our housekeeper and it seemed like it was harder for me than for her. I told her all the reasons that she couldn’t work for us anymore and almost begged her to clean up her home for her own children’s sake. She took it all completely in stride. It’s what psychologists and psychiatrists call “flat affect”, basically very little emotion. I can only imagine all that she has been through that led to this flat affect, but in any case, I have to let go and get on with our life. I am going to stop by her house tomorrow to drop off the money and the groceries and she seemed happy about that.

On a different note, our new housekeeper showed up today wearing a sparkling white uniform. While I used to feel embarrassed by the mere thought of somebody working for me in a uniform, it now seems like a very prudent thing. While our new housekeeper’s personal hygiene seems to be impeccable (this became my standard this go around), she does live in a house with her extended family and eight kids under six. Lots of kids means lots of germs and it’s kind of nice that she will come to work and change into clothes that look cleaner that those of most hospital staff in the US. Not that I am becoming a germaphobe, but after our recent experiences, it feels good to know that the house is being scrubbed from top to bottom by somebody who seems to really know how to scrub. It’s amazing how much it’s changing the energy in the house already.

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