A Homesick 9 Year Old

Jade has been really homesick.  I have been hearing “I want to go home now, Mommy” almost every day this past week. She misses her friends and her school. She says that the teachers here yell at school. She has also had a hard time making friends here since there are only three girls in her class and they live in Bogota. In fact, there are only 10 girls in the entire elementary school. She has become pretty good friends with Juana, our nanny’s daughter, but Juana goes to school from noon to 6 pm (most public schools here have double shifts at school since there is not enough space for all of the kids). They do have slumber parties on the weekends which they love. Esteban and I love them too because we get to go out. But back to Jade, I validated her feelings and then asked her what would make her happy here. And she replied, “if my friends were here.” If only I could make that happen for her.

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