Ceramics and Beauty

The rainy season is upon us. So far that has meant that it is sunny in the morning and then pours in the afternoon. The locals tell me that pretty soon it will just rain all day long. And that this will last for about two months. We will have to find some indoor activities!

One activity that the girls and I have taken up that we love is ceramics. We have been taking a ceramics class with a lovely artist who has a studio in her home. I am making a fruit bowl and the girls have been making a nativity scene, complete with Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, the three kings, the houses, the manger and the animals. “How do you feel about that?” asked Esteban. “Great” I said, “As long as we can make a Hanukah candle holder when we are done to honor both traditions.” “Mom, I don’t think those are too popular here”, responded Jade. We will have to see.

In the meantime, I love ceramics class. I don’t know how it is that I never knew this before (especially since Esteban’s mom is a ceramics artist). It was so wonderful to get completely lost in the world of creating with my hands for a couple of hours. It was meditative and I felt renewed and refreshed after I finished.  I find myself missing it and I can’t wait to go back next Tuesday. The girls love it too.

I also love my walks with my neighbor. We haven’t gone for nearly a week. Walking today,  I saw the scenery with new eyes again and it literally took my breath away. It is so  beautiful here – the mountains, the small colorful houses, the green pastures, the animals. Green, green, green everywhere. The air smells of various herbs, delicious and cleansing. I feel so blessed to be living amongst such beauty!

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