Pin worms for Saige?

Saige woke up three times last night and seemed really uncomfortable. She kept grabbing her butt and moving her little legs like she was trying to scratch herself but couldn’t because of the diaper. She probably has pin worms too. Ughh, I hate seeing her so uncomfortable and she is too young for the anti-parasite medicine.

I had no clue what to do so I mentioned it to some moms at a birthday party for one of Jade’s classmates. I was pretty embarassed to bring this up and asked them not to talk about it in front of Jade because she would be mortified. “We talk about everything,” responded one of the moms. “How else do you resolve things?” Good point.

This mom then proceeded to call her pediatrician who also happens to be a specialist in medicinal plants. She called him on his cell phone on a Saturday to ask a question about my child, who he had never seen before. He talked to me for a few minutes and told me which medicinal plants I needed to buy at the market. It was pretty amazing! This would never happen in the States. What doctor would tell you what to do for free without even seeing your child? And this is the second time a doctor of a friend has done this for us here. I am so grateful and off to brew the medicinal tea. I think the whole family should drink it just in case.

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