Where is home?

“You will have to drug me and drag me back to the States if you want to go back next summer,” I told Esteban last night after two super strong mojitos. We were celebrating Esteban’s upcoming birthday at the famous Andres Carne de Res, a restaurant known as being the biggest party place in Colombia. Some say in all of Latin America.  I must say that Andres lived up to its reputation. It’s really hard to describe. It’s a huge place with many different rooms and corners and very eclectic decor. The food is great. The drinks are yummy and strong. And the dancing starts early. First on the dance floor and then in every available inch of space, even on the chairs. It was really fun! What’s also great about the place is that it accommodates all ages. There were plenty of young and beautiful people and also some not so beautiful people and some who looked like elderly grandparents. The common theme was that everybody was dancing and having a good time.

I was having so much fun at Andres that in my alcohol induced lucidity, I decided that what my life in the States is missing is good ole fashioned fun. Going out and dancing, for instance. Why does nobody over the age of 25 or maybe 30 go out dancing n the States? Except maybe in Miami.  I grew up with my parents and even my grandparents dancing all of the time. A party wasn’t a party without dancing and Russian restaurants are all about the dancing. Nobody goes there for the food.

I must say that living here makes me want to explore my own Ukranian culture more. I feel like there is something missing that I want to understand about myself and my life.  I have never felt like I fully fit into American society. Not that I expect to fit into Ukranian society but there is certainly something there to discover about myself and my roots.   And while Colombia and Ukraine don’t really have all that much in common, there are some parts of living in Colombia that make me think of the culture that I come from: the importance of family and friends and social networks, the emphasis on going out and having a good time, the reliance on red meat as a source of nourishment, to name a few.

On a completely different note, the herbal concoction that is supposed to make us all parasite-free really tastes gross. I am trying to drink it but I have no idea how I am going to get the girls to drink it.

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