Braving the Highway!

Happy Birthday Esteban! Unfortunately he is in Costa Rica celebrating Accion’s 40th birthday. We miss him, especially since the girls are off from school for a week for October break. We have however been making the most of our break here. We went to a great kids’ park today, Multiparque. It’s a huge playground with lots of slides, swings, climbing structures, balancing structures. It’s really fun for the kids and has the added bonus of gorgeous mountain vistas in the background. Enjoyment for all!

To get to Multiparque, I had to brave the highway between Chia and Bogota. It was my first time and I white knuckled it. There are no marked lanes on this highway and the cars and buses and trucks drive at neck breaking speed, cutting each other off and coming within inches of each other.  I was pretty proud of myself for making it to Multiparque ,but the ride back was a completely different story. Just as we were leaving the park, it started to pour. Within a minute, I could barely see anything. The windows were fogging up and Ana Maria kept trying to wipe them with a cloth. I wanted to pull over but there really was no place to do so. I just said a silent prayer, rolled down the windows to defog the windshield (despite the kids’ protests that they were getting soaked) and persevered. By the grace of God, we made it home.

Esteban will get back on Wednesday and on Thursday, we are all heading to Tierra Caliente (Hot Land) for five days. We will drive a couple of hours down the mountain where the temperature will quickly climb into the 80’s and we can sun and swim all day long. Can’t wait!

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2 Responses to Braving the Highway!

  1. Eva says:

    Wow! That IS brave driving Natalie! Makes Boston driving seem like a breeze, eh?
    Found a cool gift for you and your family yesterday at the Italian Festa downtown. I’ll send it for the holidays!
    Enjoy Tierra Caliente – I know how much you like Waaaaarrrrrrrm,

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