Tierra Caliente

Aye, que frio! Now that we are back from Tierra Caliente, I agree with the locals here that 65 degrees and rainy is just way too cold.

Our trip to Tierra Caliente was fabulous; a five day mini-vacation. Exactly what we needed.  It took us about three hours to get down the mountain and the scenery was spectacular. Curvy mountain roads with ever changing topography. Different flora at every turn. I guess that’s life in the mountains and changing altitudes – lots of microclimates.

Back to Tierra Caliente. It was hot, hot, hot (about 90 degrees) and fun, fun, fun! We swam and hung out and ate and played games. We went to Piscilago, a water park full of slides and water rides. I usually don’t like big water or amusement parks in the States and find them overwhelming and way too commercial. I refuse to take my kids to Disney Land (I know – how unpatriotic of me!).  But here it was somehow very pleasant. It could be because the park was set in very natural surroundings. Everywhere you looked there were trees and green. Or it could be that, other than food, they didn’t sell a single thing here. No T-shirts. No toys. No souvenir cups. Nada. My kids didn’t whine for anything. It was beautiful!

Another thing that was quite beautiful is how comfortable everybody seemed with their bodies here. I would say that about 90% of the women we saw wore bikinis, regardless of shape or size. And these were mostly moms since we stayed at a family resort. It was fantastic! I still remember my first trip to the beach in New England where none of the moms would take off their shirts and shorts and wear a bathing suit, let alone a bikini. But that’s a whole different story.

Of course another thing I noticed on this trip is the professed national love of plastic surgery. At least amongst the city dwellers since for the most part the only people we saw in Tierra Caliente were Bogotanos who were there for some sun. I heard before moving here a lot about the Colombian love of plastic surgery and all other procedures to make you look younger, but I never really noticed it before this trip. Here the clothes came off and we found ourselves in the land of boob jobs (and they like them huge!). I even saw a few, what I assume to be, butt implants of some kind (at least I can say I have never before seen behinds in the shape of ripe watermelons. They seem to like their behinds pretty curvaceous here too). But hey, whatever floats their boats.

I thought before moving here that I might feel abit intimidated by all of this, but actually fake breasts look really fake (especially when they are astronomically huge). And it looks like it would be hard to do any sports with them. Or walk for more than five minutes without hurting your back. Especially in high heels. Au naturel actually works pretty well for me, I think.

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