El Capitan

Just in case any of you are wondering what is happening with the alarm saga… well, we are managing to sleep through the alarm for the most part. We sleep in the small back bedroom with ear plugs, a heater for white noise and pillows over our heads and that seems to work pretty well. The girls sleep with a heater and a loud fan which seems to make enough white noise that they usually don’t hear the alarm. Except for when they do. And on those days they are cranky and we are pissed.

So we keep at it with trying to follow up with anybody who has any influence over this situation. The latest protagonist in our Latin soap opera is the police captain. You might remember that I met him in the Mayor’s office and he promised to help me personally. Well, he has been very friendly ever since. He has stopped by to see how things are going several times. He offered to stop by late in the evening when Esteban was traveling. The neighbors started joking that El Capitan seems interested in something other than the alarm problem.

El Capitan has been helpful though. He stopped by about a week ago to talk to the neighbor and try to convince here to resolve the alarm problem. Esteban was here as was our nanny’s mom and El Capitan was all business. He spent about 45 minutes with the neighbor explaining to her that it’s better to get along with your neighbors. She tried to say that we are the only ones who are bothered by her alarm, but he pointed out that he had a document with 22 signatures on it. He then told her (and later recounted this for us with a very straight face), “It’s better to resolve this amicably, senora. Sure, you can keep setting off the alarm and they will get fed up and they will move. And then you win. But how do you know that he (referring to my dear husband) won’t get drunk and come back and put a bullet through your head?” Apparently at this point, the neighbor agreed to have El Capitan call an alarm technician so he can come and install a second alarm control. OK, whatever works. Apparently El Capitan knows how to get things done around here.

El Capitan also suggested that we pay him and he will pay the technician. “Ahh, now we know what he really wants to get put of this”, said our nanny’s mom. The sum he mentioned is pretty reasonable (about $50), which works for us. Some of you may take offense to paying “tips” for people to do their jobs, but for us, it’s money well spent. Whatever works at this point.

Unfortunately when I called El Capitan to follow up with the technician’s name and number, he was overly friendly. “Hola Reina” he said. This means “Hello Queen”. Not a professional way to address somebody here. Everybody has told me to be careful. Men in power sometimes get funny ideas about their desirability, they said. So I gave El Capitan the info but am waiting for Esteban to get back so he can follow up with him. We will see what happens. Our goal now is to get the alarm situation resolved before my parents come to visit for Thanksgiving.

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