Parasites – Part 3

Little Saige has been cranky and touching her stomach since yesterday. And not to gross you out, but she had mucus in her poop. “Sounds like Amoebas”, said our nanny and housekeeper. “You have to take her to the doctor.”

I called the clinic and was told that I could come in and wait our turn or for an extra $2, the doctor will make a house call. That was a no-brainer! The doctor who arrived looked awfully young but he was very nice. He basically said that it’s either a case of traveler’s diarrhea (basically our gringa bodies aren’t used to the bacteria here) or parasites. Unfortunately I suspect that it’s the latter but the only way to know is to do lab tests. I hope I am wrong because the only sure way to treat parasites is with a drug that is not recommended for kids under two years of age. It is a fairly strong drug and their kidneys and liver just aren’t equipped to handle it well. I am trying not to worry about it until we know what we are dealing with. And we probably won’t know for a few days.

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