Scary Amoebas and Mosquitoes

I saw the world’s biggest mosquito today in our kitchen. It was at least an inch in length and width. I didn’t know mosquitoes could be that big. “We have to kill it.” said our housekeeper. “Their bites really hurt.” I bet they do. Of course I couldn’t help but ask if these monsters carry diseases. “Oh yes during rainy season, they bring cholera and dengue fever.” Great, more diseases to worry about.

I am already pretty worried about Saige. Her diarrhea is getting worse although she is full of energy and in good spirits. Her lab results came back positive for amoebas although it wasn’t fully clear which ones. At least that’s what the doctor said at first. When I pressed her for the name of the amoebas so I could read up on it, she said Entamoeba Hystolica and prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-parasitic and some an rehydration drink (Pedyalite). I didn’t get the sense that the doctor really knew which amoebas Saige has.

I came home and googled all of these to find out what we are dealing with. The Entamoeba Hystolica sounds pretty scary. A serious amoebic infection that could lead to liver perforation, the amoebas traveling up to the lungs or the brain or death. The medicine sounded scary too. It has been linked to cancer and birth defects and generally not recommended for kids under two. I feel like we are in between a rock and a hard place.

I called a friend who suggested I take Saige to see a well known doctor in the area who is also a university professor of medicine and specializes in medicinal plants to see if he can confirm what type of amoebas she has and whether there is a more natural alternative to the harsh medicine. (His fee is about $22 for the appointment – amazing!) I will keep you posted….

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