Amoeba nightmare continues

I am pretty stressed here. The more we have learned about amoebas, the more we realize how dangerous they are, especially to gringa children with no natural immunity. The naturapath/MD who we saw yesterday was not very reassuring. He told us that there is nothing natural that can get rid of amoebas but that we may be able to slow down their growth until Saige is two and old enough to take the medicine. Then he suggested that she eat pineapple (pineapple is a natural anti-parasitic) and drink a tea made of pineapple and garlic. He also mentioned that if one person in the family has amoebas, everybody does. So the rest of us should also do this natural treatment except that Jade and the adults should mix the pineapple and garlic with aguardiente (the locally produced hard alcohol). He then proceeded to make a joke about how we are all going to stink, but it’s better than amoebas.

OK, he did not instill much confidence in me! Given that amoebas can travel to the liver causing permanent liver damage or lungs and brain, battling them with pineapple and garlic and then seeing how it goes, does not seem like a prudent plan of action. But neither does giving a medicine that is not recommended to children under two because their kidneys and liver aren’t sufficiently developed to process the toxins from the medicine. neither option seems good.

After much thought and consultations with doctors, who are friends of friends and willing to talk to us on the weekend, we are leaning towards giving her the medicine. Apparently it has been given to a lot of kids throughout the developing world and should be OK in low doses. And the bottom line is that amoebas are dangerous and can spread pretty quickly in young children without any natural immunity. In any case, we are going to try to meet with two pediatricians tomorrow: one who is really well-known – the pediatrician to alot of embassy staff and the rich and famous – and another who is an MD as well as a homeopath. The well-known one is really hard to get an appointment with and I was told by a friend that I literally have to show up at his office with Saige and refuse to leave until he sees me. I am not very comfortable doing this, but what wouldn’t I do for my baby?

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2 Responses to Amoeba nightmare continues

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow, Natalie, sending prayers and good solution vibes to you, Saigey and all the medical folks you guys encounter. Just spent a half hour catching up on your posts, which I love reading; I feel like I’m there with you! Looking forward to connecting whenever you can. Let me know if you need anything we can send you. XOXO

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