Odds and Ends

Jade woke me up in the middle of the night last night saying ” Siena threw up and she is crying.” Uh oh, I thought. The virus is spreading. But no, we seem to have escaped it. Siena felt fine all day today. She even went to horseback riding. And Saige is 100% back. I feel like we have been given a second chance.

I miss my greens though. I am addicted to my green juice (spinach or kale, parsley, broccoli, cucumber, banana, berries and lime) and have been very sluggish without it. I swear, this juice gives me more energy than coffee and I don’t get the afternoon slump that I get with coffee. A Colombian friend mentioned that she has a great supplier of organic greens and he delivers. It sounds like a drug deal and it might as well be. I am addicted. And my girls love their salad so I will have to find a good supplier. We can not subsist on cooked vegetables alone.

On a different note, Jade and I started speaking Spanish to each other in the taxi today (not that it’s not obvious that I am a gringa) and oh, my God, she is fluent. Completely fluent. No grammatical mistakes; just pure Spanish. When did this happen???? How cool!

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