A Good Kind of Normal

Now that illnesses seem to be behind us, life is going back to normal, a mostly good kind of normal. Jade is enjoying school more. Her big drama is not liking the school lunches and while I don’t enjoy packing lunch for a somewhat picky eater, it’s not that big of a deal in the big picture.

Siena, on the other hand, pretended to be sick today. She said that her stomach and head hurt, but she didn’t want to go to the doctor or stay in bed. After some gentle probing, I quickly got to the bottom of things: there is only one girl at school who plays with her. At first she said that none of the other kids want to play with her, but knowing Siena, Esteban and I had the feeling that it’s more likely to be Siena who doesn’t engage with the other kids and they don’t know how to approach her. We have seen the kids all greet Siena very warmly and try to talk to her as she shied away from them. So we encouraged her to talk with them when they talk to her or to go up to other kids and join their games. We will also talk to the teacher so that she can help Siena integrate herself into the games.

As for Esteban and I, all is great. We are going to go for a power walk in the beautiful countryside right after I am done writing this blog. And then we will go to lunch. (Aah, the beauty of working from home!) And then tonight, we are off to a work party, which should involve lots of dancing. Fun! We have danced more here in the past three months than we did in the States over the past decade. And I love it!

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