All is good again

We are back to a good kind of normal again and I am trying to savor it while it lasts. I have been coaching, writing, going for walks in the gorgeous countryside, doing art and crafts projects with the kids, planning vacations around Colombia (summer vacation is coming up soon!), going on dates with Esteban. We are going out dancing tomorrow night again!

The kids are doing well overall. Saige is feeling better it seems and is communicating verbally a lot more. She told me to “get off” her favorite chair yesterday and then climbed into it with a huge smile on her face. At seventeen months, she can talk and effect change now and she is excited about that.

Siena is also doing well and continuing to love horseback riding. She is really good!  It’s actually pretty amazing to see this six-year old handling a big horse – galloping, jumping, standing up on the horse, and doing a backwards flip to get off the horse. She just exudes such confidence when on a horse. This is definitely her thing! Tomorrow she will be in her first horse competition, a belated Halloween event. She will be competing in a Halloween costume and we even had to come up with a costume for her horse, Amapola. You will be happy to know that Amapola will be dressed up as “Hawaiian Horse”. Jade has creatively made a necklace of colorful tissue paper flowers for Amapola and a huge pink paper flower to put behind her ear (can you put a flower behind a horse’s ear?)

Jade also seems to be doing pretty well overall. I worry about her because she is such a social girl and she really doesn’t have any friends here, other than our nanny’s daughter. She doesn’t complain about it much but I know that it bothers her. She says that she likes school, but “not as much as my school in Boston.”

Meanwhile, the battle over food continues with Jade’s teacher. I have started making lunch and sending it to school and apparently, Jade has to sit at the lunch table until she finishes everything in her lunch. I sent a note today to Jade’s teacher (that’s how we are asked to communicate here) telling her that I would prefer if Jade were allowed to listen to her body to determine how hungry she is. I have no way of knowing when I pack her lunch how hungry she will be. It’s up to me to provide healthy food choices and it’s up to Jade to decide how much she will eat. I went on to talk about problems like anorexia, bulemia and obesity and the relationship between these and control issues and being disconnected from one’s body. It might seem like overkill but we have talked about this food issue so many times! The teacher sent me a note back saying that she understands what I am saying but she would like to talk about it in person next week. I am pretty sure I am the pain-in-the ass parent at school. Everybody else just seems to leave their kids at the door and not get involved.

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