Another long Summer break…

It’s a holiday here (nobody seems to know which one – there are toms of holidays here) and Esteban is traveling again (NYC, Nigeria, Barcelona – all in 5 days!) so our nanny and I took the kids on a little excursion. We went to a beautiful nearby town which is also the home of Alpina, Colombia’s largest dairy producer. They have a store stocked with all kinds of cheeses, dairy products, desserts and ice cream. Set in a park with a kids’ playground and beautiful mountain scenery. Heaven for the kids!

We had a great time and yet, I find myself a little anxious that Siena is done with school this week and Jade is done next week… until the first week of February!! It’s a long break and I am, frankly, not ready for it. I feel like we are finally getting into the groove here, the kids at school, me with my routine and interests, Esteban and I with working from home. I like our life and I am not that excited about changing up the routine again. No summer camp and our nanny can’t really take the girls anywhere on her own. I am going to need to come up with things for us to do and be flexible. I guess that’s the name of the game now, flexibility.

On the positive side, we have quite a few trips planned during break – to Cartagena and the Caribbean coast for a couple of weeks with my parents, a road trip to Medellin with a jungle stay thrown in late December and somewhere else in January (haven’t agreed on it yet). If only Esteban didn’t have to work! (A girl can dream…)

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