Friends, the sometimes loneliness of expat life

One of the hardest parts of expat life is that people are always moving. I guess this is a given. I am sad today because friends of ours, the only people we have really clicked with in our little town of Chia, are planning to move to India in a few months. It has been tough to make friends here in Chia that we really connect with and not only because we are immersed in a foreign culture. We are living in a small town (and we are city people) and we are living below our means, i.e. with people from a lower socio-economic bracket. I don’t mean it to sound snobby, it’s just that we have different means and different life experiences and it’s hard to find something in common to talk about sometimes.

Having said all this, I have made some friends here and while we might not have much in common, it feels like a privilege to have such insight into Colombian life. In fact, Colombian life is starting to feel normal. Certainly all the help and the constant presence of other women in the house is something I have gotten used to very quickly. And tomorrow Saige and I are off to a birthday party in Bogota. My friend Isabelle is throwing it. She is a yoga instructor who was introduced to me through a mutual friend in Boston and we do have a lot in common. She told me that there will be some great women that she wants to introduce me to. I am ready. Thank God I can drive to Bogota now.

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