Living the Good Life!

Great long weekend in beautiful Colombia (it’s another holiday today and nobody knows what it is)! So many things to enjoy: a drive through gorgeous mountain scenery until we stumbled upon a restaurant and nursery with organic food and a vegetarian selection (Can it be?!? I was beside myself.) The gardens of this restaurant were so beautiful and the energy there just felt wonderful. The food was delicious. We lingered for about three hours, just enjoying the food and the beautiful surroundings. Then we got back in the car and the kids wanted dessert. So we kept driving through more gorgeous scenery until we arrived at a small Andean town with the requisite main plaza. Beautiful town square with its ancient church, lots of handicraft stores, and several dessert shops. The kids were thrilled and so were we.

And yesterday was just as good. A picnic with friends in a gorgeous national park. We were on the shores of a lake, gazing at mountain peaks, eating good food, playing soccer with the kids. Pretty idyllic. Then it started to rain and we ran for cover, straight to a nearby lodge in the woods. It felt like a tree house, but with a warm fireplace and yummy hot chocolate.

And did I mention that movie theaters here serve good food as well as a full range of alcoholic beverages? Yep, anything from wine to Bailey’s to mixed drinks. And for a pittance. I could get used to this!

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