Making Friends at Last

Saige woke up with a fairly high fever today. It might be a reaction to the Yellow Fever vaccine she received a couple of days ago or, more likely, she caught the virus that our nanny’s daughter had. She was at our house a couple of days ago when she started coughing and running a fever. The good news is that our nanny’s daughteris all better a couple of days later so hopefully, Saige will be too.

Other than that, we are just planning for the fiesta tomorrow and the planning part is not really working. Maybe that’s the lesson of Colombia, stop planning and just live for today. The phone numbers that they gave me at school for the new kids haven’t worked. I couldn’t reach Jade’s former classmates. And even when I reach people, they say things like “We are trying to figure out how we will get him to the party so hopefully, we will come.” I stopped calling. Even I have a limit to how much I am willing to put myself out there. I feel like an idiot. At this point, I just need to let go and trust that things will happen as they need to happen. As a Colombian friend said “In Colombia, we never confirm, we just show up so be prepared to have everybody show up.” I guess that’s what we will do although it would be nice to have a rough idea of how many people to expect since the amount of food, cake, drinks, and goody bags is different for 4 kids versus 17 kids and their parents.

In a way, the party has already served its purpose. It has given Jade something to bond over with the other kids. She has started playing a lot with two of the three girls in her class and even asked for a sleep-over with one of them. Jade’s teacher, who is really amazing, even initiated a class discussion about this. She asked Jade in class how she has been feeling and Jade told the class that it was hard and that she felt left out. At that point, all the other kids started talking and telling Jade how this happens to everybody who is new and that they all felt left out when they first started school. It seemed to have really helped. Now Jade is saying things like, “Michelle (the girls she wants to have a sleep-over with) knows how I feel. She was new this school year too.” Maybe everything does work out exactly as it is meant to….

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