The River Overflowed

The river that separates our town of Chia from the highway that goes to Bogota has overflowed. The highway is flooded and at this point only one car at a time can get through. Major traffic jams! And if it rains any more (which it will), the highway will be closed down completely. There is another road that leads to Bogota, but it’s a small road full of potholes so I can only imagine the traffic if everybody has to use that road to get in and out of the city. Yikes!

Meanwhile, my parents are coming to visit tomorrow late night. We were going to spend four days around here and then fly to the coast – to Cartagena (beautiful colonial city on the Caribbean coast and World Heritage Sight), then to Parque Nacional Tayrona (national park protecting coast and jungle and indigenous populations), and finally arriving at a natural reserve near a little fishing village (wood huts on the beach with hammocks and private bathrooms – my mom’s requirement – but no electricity). As is, this is going to be quite an adventure since, I think it’s fair to say, my parents are not acustomed to this kind of travel in developing countries. Add to this the floods here and it should all be very interesting. Serous family bonding time!

As  prepare for my parents’ visit, I am also preparing for hosting (and cooking!) my first Thanksgiving meal. All of it – turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, honey glazed carrots, mora sauce (a tart berry which will have to do since I can’t find cranberries here) and apple pie with ice cream. We are inviting Ana Maria’s family and some friends. Everybody seems excited to sample traditional Dia de Gracias (Thanksgiving) fare. That’s a lot of pressure on me to make it taste decent. But at the end it’s all about sharing with friends and, as I told everybody when I invited them, if all else fails, we can always order pizzas. Happy Thanksgiving!

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