Beautiful Cartagena

We woke up to rain. Kind of a bummer on vacation. We already had a driver booked to give us a tour so we decided to just go with it and get an overview of old town Cartagena. It really is very beautiful. By lunchtime, the sun came out and it was hot, hot, hot. Maybe we were lucky to do the tour in the rain. It was certainly cooler and easier to walk around.

We decided to beat the heat and spend the afternoon in our gorgeous apartment building. The beach here isn’t very appealing. The sand is kind of dark and there are people pestering you to buy something fairly aggressively every couple of minutes. The pool, on the other hand, was a wonderful way to pass the time away.
The owner of this apartment is kind of shady. He still hasn’t fixed the blinds (we face the East so the sun comes up mighty early) nor brought us towels or soap. And the cleaning lady/cook he hired for us shows up for less than three hours. But hey, the view is spectacular so we are appreciating staying here!

Meanwhile, the kids were tired so we put them to bed early (thank God for grandparents) and headed out for a nighttime stroll. We wound up sitting at a table in a café on the old wall that protected Cartagena from invaders. The sea breeze was blowing, the music was playing, people were dancing. We had a few mojitos and joined the party. I love Cartagena!

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