More Cartagena Adventures

Once again, we had a hard time leaving our gorgeous apartment. We eventually made it out for lunch at a seafood shack on the beach. Then Esteban, the kids and I headed into Old Town to stroll around some more. We went to a modern art museum and visited an old church that also housed an African art exhibit. We stopped at our favorite gelato place and walked until we stumbled upon an old square in which two couples, dressed in very colorful costumes, were dancing. They were beautiful, fast dances. It’s amazing how people here can move their hips.

As the dancing wrapped up, we decided to take a horse and carriage ride around the old city. This was a spectacular experience. The sun was setting and as we rode along the streets, we could really savor the architecture. As our tour ended, we were dropped off at the old wall to watch the sun set over the Caribbean. The winds were quite strong but the mood was magical. A young man was selling beer as music spilled from his cart. Saige stopped for a dance with him and he obliged. It was so cute! I am in love with Cartagena! I am kind of sad to leave tomorrow… but the jungle awaits.

We arrived back at our apartment all set to eat the chicken dinner that was to be prepared by the maid we had hired. “Did you get enough chicken?” my dad said. I looked into the pot and half of it was gone. Not only did she work three hour days but she took half of our dinner! We called the condo owner to complain about the maid he hired for us but he didn’t answer. Not like that would return our chicken anyway.

We finished the chicken and were still hungry. It was late and the kids were too tired to deal with going out to eat. My dad cooked up some pasta and mixed it with the chicken stew juice to fill us up. Not exactly the last meal in Cartagena we had envisioned!

Meanwhile, my credit card was declined today. I was annoyed at Citibank thinking that it was declined yet again due to their routine security concerns (our card has been frozen at least five times here simply because we are in Colombia). But no, it was actually declined because somebody cloned it (I have no idea how they do that), charged $500 worth of merchandise, and then tried to withdraw cash. When they couldn’t enter the correct pin, Citibank put a hold on the account. We cancelled it and have to figure out a way to get our new card which will be mailed to Boston. Thank God for the back-up credit card I got at the GAP just to get some free shipping or 30% off my purchase or something like that. Life here certainly is an adventure!

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