We Found Paradise!

My mom was feeling better today so we all decided to venture out to a completely different, and not very touristy, part of Parque Tayrona. It was an hour and half ride over very bad roads and we watched the flora change from rainforest to dry, dessert like setting. There were cactuses growing on the mountains all around us. The beaches on this side were even whiter with dazzlingly blue and aquamarine water.

We arrived at a large beach and took a speed boat to a nearby cove. The water on this beach was wavy and watching my mom get into the speed boat was a pretty funny sight (sorry mom!). The boat ride itself was actually kind of fun as we sped through the ocean. We arrived at a gorgeous, protected cove. It was surrounded by mountains on three sides and the crystal clear blue water was as calm as a swimming pool. As we jumped it, hundreds of fish surrounded us. We brought snorkel gear but you could see the colorful fish while just standing in the water. It was magical!

Esteban and Jade went snorkeling while my parents, Siena, Saige and I played on the beach and frolicked in the water. Saige is starting to play with the girls a bit so I even got a few minutes to just lay on the hot sand and feel the water wash over me. Heaven. This is the life I was born to live!

We had a fantastic afternoon. I went for a little walk on the beach and watched an indigenous family do some kind of a purification ritual with the beach sand. We had another fantastic fish lunch. We also had a yummy fruit salad and then all spent the afternoon worrying about whether we would be spending the night in the bathroom. We bought some local baked treats from a woman who carried them around the beach in a huge basket on her head. I watched a mangy, flee infested, skinny dog try to bite one of her puppies when it tried to nurse. I watched the dog’s owner kick her in response and scream at her. He saw the horrified expression on my face and proceeded to tell me that this stupid dog doesn’t even feed her own puppies. I wanted to tell him that she looked very uncomfortable biting at her flees. Perhaps if he cleaned her up and took better care of her, she would take better care of her puppies. I decided against getting involved though. It wouldn’t do much except make him angrier and he would probably just take that anger out on the dog. That’s my experience of the harsh duality of life in many developing countries – on the one hand, unspoiled natural beauty and on the other hand, the harsh realities of poverty and abuse.

All that said, we had an amazing day and were sad to leave our little paradise. We were however consoled by the refreshing fresh water pool and cold beer back at the hostel. This is the life!

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