The Simple Life

The sun did come out today which definitely made everything much more beautiful. And hotter. The sea is still too rough to swim in so it gets pretty hot here. And there still isn’t much to do.

After a lot of complaining by the adults (except for me, I will have you know) that there isn’t much to do  here – my dad could not stop joking about how glad he was to be leaving in a day and how sorry he felt for us that we had three more days here – everybody settled in and seemed to chill out a bit. Hanging out in a hammock and watching the sea grows on you.

I, on the other hand, was really appreciative of the simple life. Time stretched forever. We spent over an hour last night sitting on our porch with my parents and playing games by candlelight. I don’t remember ever playing games with my parents. Usually when we all spend time together, there are the distractions of TV (for my dad), the computer (for everybody) and the million things we have to do. Here we just sat on the porch and played telephone, named country capitals and talked. It was wonderful!

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