Danger All Around

We are really getting into the swing of this place. Even Esteban is starting to relax. He has discovered that the cold outdoor shower helps him cool off and he is happier. He doesn’t like the heat much and really misses having a pool or a body of water we can swim in. I wouldn’t mind that either.

Overall though I love that we are all learning to relax. I am also really appreciating the benefits of a Waldorf education. Over lunch, Jade said “Mom, I finished my book. I am bored.”

“You are creative. Invent something to do,” I replied.

Low and behold, they started playing circus, using the hammocks as trapeze and a nearby dance floor as a stage. They are practicing to put on a show for us, complete with colorful homemade tickets, in English and Spanish. Saige was so cute trying to get in on the action, imitating the big girls. Esteban and I even managed to read in our hammocks as they all played. What heaven!

After a long while, the kids tired of playing on the front porch and ran off to the dining pavilion. Shortly thereafter, it started to pour. I quickly grabbed their rain jackets planning to run in to the pavilion. I barely made it off the front porch when I saw Siena running towards our hut with Saige on her hip, soaked and laughing. Jade was behind her, running and laughing. I love my family more than ever at times like this! I feel like we are living the dream I had for my family from before I even had kids – freedom, space to create, abundance, love, laughter and adventure!

On a different note, it’s a good thing that the kids found a way to amuse themselves because Esteban and I are pretty exhausted today. We didn’t sleep too well. As I was tucking Jade into bed last night, she said “Mom, I had a bad feeling and a thought that somebody was going to take me at midnight. I am scared.” I reassured her but I was unnerved. Jade is highly intuitive and we are in the middle of nowhere in Colombia, in a hut with mosquito screens for windows and no locks on the doors.

I told Esteban what Jade said and he got freaked out as well. It also didn’t help that he was reading “Gone Baby Gone” which involves a child kidnapping. I was reading “A Gringa in Bogota”, the memoirs of a Harvard professor who lived in Colombia. My book was especially impactful because it was written five years ago and talked about the violence at the time. Even now, people in some parts of Colombia live with extreme violence. So as I read about the 500+ kidnappings that occurred in Colombia in 2006 (the year this book was written), I became increasingly more nervous. We are staying in a remote part of the country, in a reserve with only a couple of other guests. In the dark of the night, this seemed very frightening.

We came up with a plan. I slept with Jade in her bed, jolting awake every time I heard a noise. Esteban barricaded our doors with suitcases and furniture and left the candles burning all night long. He also didn’t sleep too well, waking up at the slightest sound. We were tired and grumpy in the morning. Happy Birthday to me! But thanks to strong coffee, a walk on the beach, laughter as Esteban did a little dance to stomp out the red ants in our room (another of his not-so-favorite past times here), turns taking naps and lots of cold showers, we are  having a good day. I love it here!

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