Birthday Drama

It’s my birthday and we are really celebrating in a very mellow way – by hanging out in hammocks. My parents left for the States early this morning and there was abit of drama surrounding their departure. It poured last night for about five hours straight. We have never seen rains like this! There was thunder and lightning and our hut was quickly surrounded by a sea of water.

We hung out on the porch and watched nature’s drama unfold until the lightning hit so close to us that we had to go inside for cover. Three generations, one small hut and a few lanterns. Except this time, nobody was in the mood to play games. My mom was super nervous that they wouldn’t be able to make it out of the reserve over the dirt roads if it continued to rain like this and then they would miss their flight to Bogota… and then they would miss their flight to the States… and then she would miss work. She was a basket of nerves and listening to the downpour outside, it was hard to reassure her.

Meanwhile, they brought us dinner to our hut and we ate by candle light. Plain grilled chicken and boiled potatoes for the second night in a row. (The food here is very basic at times.)The rains tapered off a bit and we got a message from the owner not to worry because my parents would make it to the airport even if he had to drive them himself. This seemed to calm my mom. We started to converse about things other than missing the flight. The girls were clearly waiting for something. Apparently they asked the kitchen staff (who also cooked by candlelight over an open fire) to make a special dessert for my birthday.

The dessert came and we used one of the lantern candles for me to make a wish and blow it out. I know I shouldn’t share this for it might not come true but I will share my wish because I believe that we make our dreams happen. My wish was that my next birthday was just like this one – surrounded by my family, traveling to a remote place and having adventures. It doesn’t get better than that for me! These are my passions coming together, family and travel.

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