Good news!

Lots of good news all around. Esteban is getting better. He is still seriously medicated (antibiotics, pain pills, Tylenol) but he has no fever, he can breathe and he seems to have much more energy in general. If it was Dengue, it seems to be resolving itself or maybe it was just a serious infection. In any case, we are so relieved.

Another bit of good news is that Montgomery’s (our cat’s) tests results were very positive. He seems to be in pretty good health for a cat his age (no cancer, liver or kidney problems) and his throwing up is due to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome which he has had on and off for a decade). Our amazing tenants are taking really good care of him and are even putting him on a special diet with some natural supplements (as recommended by our vet). We are so grateful to them!!!!

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One Response to Good news!

  1. Patricia Arauz says:

    Hi Natalie,.
    Wow! What an adventure your’e having. Love to read your posts. Sorry it may take me a while to catch up, but what fun it is! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s so entertaining to read about your experiences.

    Hope all is good, that Esteban gets well soon and that you are all doing great.

    Felices Fiestas !

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