Partied out!

Esteban is definitely on the mend. He still doesn’t have a voice but he spent the whole day working from home so he must be feeling much, much better.

I went with a friend to the Handicrafts expo in Bogota today. It was spectacular! Indigenous people from all over the country come to sell their beautiful crafts. The variety is just incredible – pottery made out of clay, grasses, wood, nuts; all kinds of textiles and weaving; embroidered clothing, painting, wooden toys and so much more. A great place to buy holiday gifts. Plus it was so fun to browse at leisure (without cautioning little hands to stop touching everything) and chat with a friend. Mama needs some grown up time.

I got home in time to host a Hannukah party. We had some neighbors over and I made latkes. It was my first time but they turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. It was a lot of fun!

As soon as my party was over, I put Saige to bed and the girls and I went to another novena celebration at a neighbor’s house. This one was a little more religious with prayer and singing. As I was walking over there, I was thinking, “I love it here. I am really starting to feel like I belong. I am making some good friends and it feels like we have community here. And this after only five months. I can’t imagine what it will feel like after a year. Settling in takes time.”

I never thought I would say this but I am getting pretty tired from all of these parties. Between Esteban and our housekeeper being sick and all of these parties, I am pretty exhausted. And I still have tons to do to get ready for the holidays and our trip to Medellin on Sunday. The next 48 hours will be a marathon.

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