I am Getting Hips

You might remember that I wrote in a previous post that Colombians say gringoes don’t have hips. Both in dancing and in life, we aren’t as flexible. And they really are flexible here. Plans change. Things come up. People don’t spend alot of time figuring out why or who is to blame, they just try to figure out how to make it work now. It’s a good life skill. And I am learning.

Saige spilled water on my computer modem this morning forty minutes before a client call. My modem went dead. I had several more client calls in the morning and knew that Esteban, who is working from home while he recuperates, would need an internet connection too. What to do?

I called our nanny to bring her modem but apparently it’s configured to individual phone lines here so it wouldn’t work in our house. Then she called her sister who lives in my conjunto but she doesn’t have internet connection right now. Then she called her brother but he needed his office. Then we figured out that her sister could receive the signal from her brother’s house. So withing minutes, I was walking to her sister’s house with my scrambled eggs and coffee in hand. That’s when I ran into a neighbor. She started chatting with me. The usual pleasantries, how’s our Christmas? I didn’t know how to tell her that I was in a hurry so I quickly told her about my internet debacle. “Oh I have a portable modem. Here, let me give it to you. I am off to work and don’t need it today.”Fantastic! Ten minutes to set up the portable modem and I was on line in the nick of time.

I would have really panicked in the past about this sort of thing but this morning, I just found myself quickly thinking of alternative options. And then watching Ana Maria brainstorm options. And then the Universe intervened through my neighbor. everything works out! Maybe the flexibility is rubbing off on me, just a little bit.


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