A Scary Night in the Jungle

Ughh, we are tired! Siena was up about ten times last night afraid of the dark. It gets really dark at night in the jungle! All of us were sleeping in the same room with Saige’s crib in her customary place in the shower. Jade and I switched beds so I could sleep next to Siena and comfort her but she still woke up repeatedly. Saige woke up also but only once and was quickly soothed back to sleep. We will have to leave on a flashlight tonight to see if that helps Siena.

Despite being tired and after lots of coffee, we had a fantastic day at Rio Claro! In the morning, we went on a gorgeous hike through the rainforest that borders the river as Saige slept in the baby carrier on my back. We went swimming in the river as we watched teenage boys do crazy things in the super fast moving current (one was almost carried off but managed to break free of the current at the last minute.)

In the afternoon, we hiked through the jungle to the small waterfall and swimming hole. Apparently we had to walk through the actual river to find the trail and we did. We jumped over scores of red ants and scrambled over slippery rocks and finally found it. As we were told, it was fantastic! We climbed under the small waterfall and then let the pressure of the water give us a ride through the whole swimming hole. A natural water ride! The kids loved it and we all had a great time!

The food here is pretty basic (meat, chicken or fish and rice) but we are in the middle of the jungle, so what can we ask for?

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