Having Fun!

Great day yesterday! A super cool and fantastic Colombian friend I met through a mutual friend in Boston, is planning to move to Chia with her family! I am so excited to have some like-minded friends closer by. We spent the day with them yesterday, showing them around Chia. They really like it and it was fun to play hosts.

Then in the evening, Esteban and I went out for a much needed night out on the town. We wanted to see the holiday lights before they are taken down later this week (as I mentioned, the holiday season lasts for awhile here) so we had a fantastic Medditeranean dinner in Usaquen (a funky, hip neighborhood in Bogota with colonial architecture and great restaurants). The alumbrado (holiday lights) there were truly magical. The old town plaza was covered with tiny white hanging lights which reminded us of snow, but without the cold!

Then we headed off to Zona T, a part of town that’s closed to cars and full of restaraunts, bars and nightclubs. People strolled around as contemporary music blasted and huge angels made of lights guided our way. It was a really fun night! I wanted to go dancing but Esteban reminded me that we will be dancing both nights next weekend – a Friday night work party at Andres and my rescheduled birthday party on Saturday night (which we rescheduled before we knew about the work party). That’s a lot of dancing, even for me.

To make life even sweeter, we got to sleep in until 11 am today! For all of the issues, I am still so grateful to have a nanny who can sleep over! The girls had a fun pijamada (pajama party) with her daughter and we got a great night out and to sleep in. A dream come true!

Today, we are taking our nanny and her daughter out to lunch to Andres to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. It was her dream to go to the famous Andres and our girls have wanted to go too. Should be fun!


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