Time for the Cat

What a glorious day here today now that “winter” is over. This means that it’s sunny and the temperature is in the high 70’s. I am loving it!

I spent a good chunk of my day today trying to figure out what we need to do to bring our 15 year old cat, Montgomery, to Colombia. Esteban is going back to Boston in early February and we were hoping to bring Montgomery back. Bringing a pet into Colombia from the US isn’t so simple it turns out. We need to take him to the vet within ten days of travel to get a clean bill of health and make sure that all of his vaccines are up to date. Then this signed health certificate has to be sent, or taken in person, to the New England branch of the USDA to be certified and stamped with the appropriate stamps. Only then can we take Montgomery out of the country.

Now Esteban is only going back to Boston for three days and he has to work a lot while he is there so I am not sure ho he is going to get the cat to the vet and then drive over an hour and a half each way to Sutton, MA to the USDA office. The vet’s office suggested a company that does this for people – http://www.petrelocation.com. I called and was quoted $1,500 to $1,800 for somebody local to take my cat to the vet and then to send the papers to the USDA via Fedex. Wow! I need to go into a business like this! I am going to have to think of a different way.

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