So here is an update on how we are all doing in this new year.

The kids are doing well. I have made some playdates with kids from school for Jade and she is pretty excited about that. Siena is still in love with horseback riding and is pretty happy, overall. School starts in three weeks but for now, the kids are enjoying their break. They are hanging out a lot and as you know, we have been traveling a lot too.

Saige is too cute and active for words. Her new thing is kissing people. Nothing like a nineteen month old puckering up for a kiss. She talks a lot now, both in Spanish and English. She is super, super active and we have to be behind her at all times. She is also fascinated with cows. And there are a lot of cows here. There are cows when we drive down the street. “Vaca, vaca”, she screams. There are cows that graze the land behind our house. She can only see them from the second or third floor bedroom windows and so she screams for us to take her there so she can see the cows all day long.

Esteban is continuing to do well here. He has been traveling tons for work and we have taken quite a few trips so he is always on the go. He loves his work though and is enjoying life in Colombia.

As for me, I am loving life here more and more. This is all starting to feel normal, like this is our real life now. I worry about the kids – Jade making friends and that this new school year goes well; Siena doing well with the transition to first grade; finding a good childcare situation for Saige. Other than that, I am loving the weather, the adventures, the help, the time to write. Friendships are deepening and expanding and we always have tons to do on the weekends. Ceramics class continues to be super challenging and fulfilling. A mom from school will begin teaching me Reiki next week. And of course, I can’t wait until our trip to Barichara next week. More adventure, and hopefully with our nanny coming along this time, some rest.

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