Miracles Do Happen

I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. I am such a believer in the Law of Attraction but to experience it so clearly and quickly still awes me.

As those of you who have read my recent posts know, I was concerned about Saige, my soon to be twenty month old, spending the day with our nanny with nobody else around. There really is no such thing as playgroups here and there aren’t any other young children in the conjunto, except one who bullies Saige, so that’s not a good option. Saige is super active and social and our nanny is super mellow, to put it kindly. But changing nannies is complex as the older children like her and her daughter is Jade’s best friend at the moment. Plus she relies on us for her income and I think she is a good person. She just hasn’t been able to get things together.

So here is the miracle part. I recently decided to let go of worrying about this and just ask the Universe to work its magic. And the Universe delivered! I dropped Jade off at school this morning to meet with her teacher for a little extra Spanish work before school starts in two weeks and ran into the school director. The school director knows our nanny since her daughter used to go to this school also and I wanted her advice on what my options might be. Saige is too young to attend the Waldorf School on her own so I thought that maybe the director knows of somebody with Waldorf training who can be with Saige three mornings a week while I work. I also asked her what she thought about the little preschool nearby that takes children as young as eighteen months (although I was very nervous about leaving Saige alone in preschool here since she doesn’t talk enough to tell me what’s going on.)

What the director offered is truly miraculous (am I overusing the word here?) – she suggested that Saige can join the preschool class in the mornings until 11:45 as long as our nanny accompanies her. She would also ask our nanny to help out as the teacher’s assistant when Saige doesn’t need her. And she would ask us to make a donation to the school for allowing Saige to occupy a space.

This is a win/win/win all around. It’s a win for us because Saige will be in the Waldorf environment that we love with a super teacher. Her transition will be seamless because our nanny will be there too. She will get the socialization that she needs but in a super tranquil, home like environment, which happens to be right across the street from our house. And Saige will be super excited to go because she wants to go wherever her sisters go.

It’s also a win for our nanny because I know that her ambitions are to be more than a nanny. She has expressed an interest in getting trained as a Waldorf teacher on many occasions. This is her opportunity to do a practicum and see if she really likes it, while being paid by us.

And finally, this is a win for the school, which I know is struggling financially. They get a teaching assistant, albeit a not trained one, at no cost. Plus, we make a financial donation.

I love it when things work out for the highest good of all involved!

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