News, news, news

News of the Weird Colombian Style:

Item #1: Authorities hired a shaman to stop the rains during the opening ceremony for the Sub-20 Soccer World Cup. Apparently it worked. It poured right before and after the ceremony but the rains stopped, as if my magic, during the ceremony. Now that this has come to light, it has created a huge controversy. Should the authorities have hired a shaman? And if he was so successful at stopping the rains, why didn’t they hire him during the rainy season while parts of the country were suffering from extreme flooding?

Item #2: Two men in their late thirties were arrested today for impersonating police officers and stopping cars on the main highway between Chia and Bogota. The men were dressed as police officers and stopped cars for alleged violations, collecting over a $1,000 in fines before they were arrested. Not bad for a day’s work.

As for news closer to home. I was trained in Reiki 1 today by the mom of one of Jade’s friends from school. She is a Master Reiki practicioner and trained me while the girls played downstairs. I was psyched to finally learn Reiki, something I have wanted to do for a long time and Jade was very happy to have a play date. She has several friends now and I am very hopeful for the new school year.

Siena and her friend leaving for the sleepover

Siena, meanwhile, is at her first sleepover today at a neighbor’s house. Our nanny’s sister’s house actually. She is a good friend of mine and the most responsible and serious person I know in Colombia. Siena was playing at her house with her daughter and they stopped by here to pack her little Dora suitcase. She was off to her sleepover without even a kiss goodnight or a look back. They grow up so fast!

Update – about five minutes after i wrote this blog post, our neighbor got a call to say that Siena has “mamitis” and wants to be picked up to sleep at home. Maybe they don’t grow up that fast. I am secretly a little relieved.

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