Off on Another Adventure

I am just busy packing today for our trip to Barichara tomorrow. Barichara is a gorgeous colonial town in the mountains about six hours away from Chia by car. It is supposedly so beautiful that many films and TV shows are filmed there. It is also an artist and foodie mecca, with many opportunities for outdoor activities all around – hiking, whitewater rafting, paragliding, you name it.

We are going to spend about 5 days there and are really looking forward to not only doing outdoorsy stuff but also to just chilling out. Esteban and I are actually pretty exhausted from all of our recent travel with three kids, fun but very energy consuming. We are bringing our nanny and her daughter along for this trip so that we not only have an extra pair of hands around, but also so that we have some grown up time to stroll around town, check out artist galleries, hike more challenging hikes, go to a couple of dinners for two and just…relax. Might it be real vacation? A girl can hope.

As an aside, I will not be bringing my computer along so I won’t be blogging until we are back on Jan 25th. I also promise to get my act together and put more photos up by then. xo.

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