Breathtakingly spectacular canyon trip! (with photos)

We woke up early today to freshly baked whole grain bread provided by the housekeeper who takes care of the house we are renting. The birds were chirping as we sat in out outside dining room eating breakfast. This is the life!

Today was the big sightseeing part of this trip – a visit to Canon Chicamocha. Esteban said that it’s the second largest canyon in the world. I am not sure where he got this tidbit of information and I don’t have the time to check it out, so I write it here with this disclaimer.

Despite a long and torturous drive which took two hours instead of the one hour it was supposed to take, we arrived at the canyon and clearly realized it was worth the effort. It was spectacular!


It was also really hot but we persevered. We hiked to the mirador (lookout point) while Saige slept on my back. We took the cable car down the canyon and up to the other side – a magnificent and somewhat scary experience. Esteban and Jade rode a super fast zip line down the canyon rim.

The drive back was thankfully pretty quick and we were all tired and happy when we picked up our nanny and her daughter on the way back to town. They had had their own mini-vacation in the area for a couple of days and are now going to spend the next three days with us so Esteban and I can get some help and hopefully, R & R.

Here are some more pictures:


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