A Day of Repose and Rejuvination (with lots of photos!)

Another romantic dinner with Esteban last night (the nanny is back in my good graces again!) but he still isn’t feeling great. He has had a headache since he hit his head yesterday. We are a little worried about it, especially because he has to travel to Kenya later this week. Head injuries and changing pressure in the airplane do not seem like a good combination.

Our plan for the day was to hike to Guane, a tiny old town about two hours away. Esteban decided that he better stay in our gorgeous house and rest and then just drive and meet us there. Siena opted to stay with him.

A view from the hike Menos mal, as they say here (literally translated as “less bad”, but basically means “it’s better this way”). I don’t think Siena would have been able to do this hike, or at least not happily. The views were gorgeous, but there was little shade and it was hot, hot, hot. And our nanny, her daughter and Jade were slow, slow, slow. The girls were troopers actually, despite all the complaining, but I was carrying Saige on my back and it was challenging to walk so slowly, knowing that Saige’s weight would start hurting my back after about an hour.

So I walked ahead, stopping every so often to point out the butterflies to Saige. That was actually the highlight of the hike – there were so many butterflies. It was like walking into one of those butterfly exhibits that they have in museums of natural history. 

After what seemed like a very long hike, a pilgrimage actually, we finally got to Guane. It’s a very sweet, old town with a few shops, restaurants and a museum of the Guane people, an indigenous group that populated this area a very long time ago. Many of their artifacts remain and the girls, Jade especially, were interested in seeing them and learning about Guane culture. She has so much curiosity about everything. It really made me wonder yet again if she is in the right school.

The rest of the afternoon was a pure delight! We drove back to Barichara, dropped the nanny and the girls off at the town pool and headed with Esteban to Color de Hormiga for lunch. Have I mentioned that the local delicacy is “fat assed” ants? Yep, fried and crunchy on top of a steak. What could be more disgusting to a vegetarian like me? Not many things, but my husband is definitely a carnivore and he wanted to try the local specialty. Here he is eating the ants.

Uggh, gross! It's in!

It really grossed me out to even watch, but Esteban said that the ants were tasty and crunchy, kind of like slightly burned roasted peanuts. OK… I will just stick to roasted peanuts.

It was a really fun, luxuriously long, two hour lunch. We met another couple, who don’t have kids and are big world travelers, and chatted for a long time. We haven’t had a lunch like this while traveling since the kids came along. I am back to thinking that there is a lot to be said for traveling with a nanny (perhaps a more accomodating one!).

View while receiving the Shiatsu massageAfter lunch, I dropped Esteban off at the house to rest (his head started hurting again and he was tired) and went for a Shiatsu massage with a local healer. She lives in a simple, organic house on a gorgeous property and the massage was super relaxing. It helped to reconnect with the part of me that craves the simple spiritual life. What a treat!

Here are some more photos of the day:

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