Another Health Scare!

Esteban woke up super sick today with a 101.5F fever and a more severe headache. Googling the symptoms only made us more nervous. A fever with a headache after hitting your head could signal a brain hemorrhage. Yikes! What do we do?

We are in a small town in Colombia, about two hours away from acceptable medical facilities and six hours away from better medical facilities in Bogota. Do we pack up the kids and drive back? Esteban didn’t feel like he was up for a six hour ride with me driving over curvy mountain roads, where trucks careen towards us at neck breaking speed.

We called a Colombian friend in Bogota who is a doctor. He thought that the fever had nothing to do with Esteban’s head injury. He thought that it was most likely a virus, or even a reprise of whatever Esteban had three weeks ago. Dengue Fever? The doctor friend advised us to stay put for a day so Esteban can rest and treat the fever and headache with medicine for now. We are supposed to head back tomorrow anyway.

Needless to say, we cancelled our plans to go to the waterfalls and I asked our nanny to take the kids to the town pool while I run to the pharmacy to get Esteban’s medicine and make him some breakfast. She didn’t want to go! Apparently she doesn’t like putting on a swim suit or going to the pool. Seriously?!!!! I am all stressed out trying to figure out what we should do in what may be a pretty serious medical situation and she is giving me a hard time about taking the kids to the pool??!!!

And she wasn’t even direct about it. She was passive aggressive. I had to ask her three times while she dilly dallied and stalled and tried to convince the kids to take a walk around town instead, in boiling hot weather! Of course, the kids weren’t interested in walking around in the heat and came to complain to me. I was so frustrated and angry! I basically told her that this is part of her job. She doesn’t have to like it but she does need to take the kids to the pool on a hot day when we are on vacation, especially when I have more urgent matters to attend to. She went, reluctantly.

Meanwhile, I ran around to various stores looking for medicine and Gatorade. “Just not the orange kind,” asked Esteban. Of course, the orange kind was the only kind I could find after checking five stores. I also did some Reiki on Esteban and that seemed to help him a lot. It was kind of exciting to use my newly learned healing skills!

In the late afternoon, Esteban fell asleep and I decided to take a sunset walk around town to recharge my batteries. It was a glorious, almost mystical experience. The sun was setting over the mountains. The goats and sheep were grazing all around me. The town had an amazing, calm energy. No wonder Barichara is the Sedona of Colombia (as a Colombian friend who has traveled to the US called it). If only I remembered to bring my camera.

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