Back for a While and Photos

We just got back from Barichara late last night. It’s going to take me awhile to write about our trip because there is way too much to do here with school starting in less than a week, but I finally got my act together and took lots of pictures and even downloaded them. So for all of you who have been asking me for pictures of the girls and the things I write about, here is a preview.

And here is a quick summary of our trip: it was a mixed experience. Barichara was indeed beautiful and having our nanny along gave us a little time to rest and go out as a couple and do some grown up stuff. That was the good part. The not-so-great part is that Esteban got sick with a high fever and at one point, we were wondering if we should head back to Bogota early to have him checked out. It was stressful! I will give you the full scoop though (with photos!) once the girls are back in school next week.

On a different note, the girls are bringing abit of American style capitalism to Chia. They spent the morning making frozen chocolate covered bananas and a yummy, frothy chocolate drink and are currently out with the nanny selling these to other kids in the conjunto. I love that they are thinking like entrepreneurs!

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